• I am a happy little mouse_英语

    Hello!I am a little mouse——Jack I live in a wealthy family I like to eat cheeses,sausage。。。
  • My favourite season_英语

    Fall is my favourite season Because fall is a golden season People like the beautiful season and it&。。。
  • A new friend_英语

    Hello, eyeryone! I’m a girl My name is Jia MingZhu I have a new friend Her name is Lily Sh。。。
  • When I grow up_英语

    When I grow up, I want to be an engineer I want to build a big house and a small house for my fathe。。。
  • Celebrating the New Year _英语

    On January 1st, the beginning of a new year, as far back in history as we can tell, people have cele。。。
  • The power of books_英语

    In the world, there are many different kinds of books Fiction books, comic books, novels, cartoons 。。。
  • My favourite star_英语

    My name is Sofia I’m 11 years old I’m from Spain So my favorite Sport is Tennis, beca。。。
  • New Year in Switzerland _英语

    In different countries, people celebrate the New Year in different ways At the first day of the New 。。。
  • Food and new year about America _英语

    1 FOODI have a question:What is "America’s food "? Your answer perhaps is very easy So many pe。。。
  • My Room_英语

    This is my room My room is small but nice There is a round, pink and white clock on a long table Ne。。。
  • My father′s day_英语

    My father is very busy He is a cook He can cook many kinds of food Every day he goes to work by b。。。
  • My best friend_英语

    I have a friend Her name is Amy She is my best friend She has long hair,a pair of big eyes and a sm。。。
  • My father’s day_英语

    My father likes reading newspapers, watching TV and listening to broadcast He goes to work on foot 。。。
  • My mother′day_英语

    This is my mother´s day My mother is a accountant She is very smart She goes to work by ca。。。
  • My brother’s day_英语

    I have a brother He is tall and strong He is an university student My brother gets up at 5:00am I。。。